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      Glenn Lewis

        Hi, I wish to create a late Edwardian GWR layout. Can any one recommend which wagon kits to use? Also do any of them come with an option to build in EM or do you have to convert your self? Is this easy to do and which wheel sets are best? Also what is the best coupling option?

        Any help or advice gratefully recieved.
        Glenn Lewis

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        Mike Price

          Hello there!
          Not being a GWR follower myself I can’t really advise on what kits you would need. Whatever you choose, any kit can be ‘converted’ by just substituting an EM wheel set available from the Trade Officer.
          There are numerous coupling systems; all (dare I say it) require some work on the wagon usually at the time of building. I personally use ‘Sprat & Winkle’ but where I have a fixed rake of wagons I use three link couplings with a S&W at each end for changing the loco and brake van although some people go the ‘hair shirt’ route and use 3 link throughout!
          Hope this helps,
          Mike Price

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          Paul Willis

            @Mike G Price said:
            Hello there!
            Not being a GWR follower myself I can’t really advise on what kits you would need. Whatever you choose, any kit can be ‘converted’ by just substituting an EM wheel set available from the Trade Officer.  

            Or depending on the kit, just pulled out on the axles. Some have the plastic moulded wheels. Others are blessed with proper wheels, mounted on a standard 2mm axle.

            I can’t remember who does what, but I’m sure that I’ve found “decent” wheels included in some Ratio and Coopercraft kits in the past.

            As for “who does what”, that will have to wait for another post. As an Edwardian era modeller myself, I have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of what is appropriate for the period.


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            Glenn Lewis

              Many thanks for the replies. I can now do some research. I have a Dundas Parkside kit in the post as well.


              Glenn Lewis

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              Paul Willis

                Hi Glenn,

                I said that I’d come back to you with some suggestions for kits. By far the best range of kits for the first decade of the twentieth century is by Coopercraft, These are ONLY available secondhand, but they were mass produced and pretty much constantly available.

                For my own purposes I produced notes of all the kits and the dates from which they were suitable. If the table comes out, this is it:

                Ref. Prototype Built from Website
                1001W Dia. O4 Open A 5 Plank Wagon 1901 Price £6.10
                1002W Dia. N13 Coal Wagon 1906 Price £6.10
                1003W Dia. V5 Wooden Mink Van 7′ 0 1/2″ High 1902 Price £6.30
                1004W Dia.O5 4 Plank Wagon (Cast Iron Numbers) 1902 Price £6.10
                1005W Dia. O4 Open A 5 Plank Wagon (1925+) 1925 Price £6.10
                1006W Dia. O2 7 Plank Open Wagon 1905 Price £6.10
                1007W Dia. V4 Wooden ‘Mink’ Van 8′ 0 1/2″ High 1904 Price £6.30
                1008W Dia. V4 Low ‘Mink’ Van 7’6 1/2″ High 1904 Price £6.30
                1010W Dia. W1/W5 Cattle Wagon 1888 Price £7.20
                1011W Dia. Q1 Provender Wagon 1884 Price £6.20
                1012 GWR 9’0″ Underframe Kit Price £2.80
                1013 GWR 11’0″ Underframe Kit Price £2.80
                1017 Louvred Vent Van Ends Price £2.50
                1018 Bonnet Vent Van Ends Price £2.50
                1020W Dia V5 Mink A’ Van Twin Bonnet 7′ High. 1902 Price £7.20
                1021W Dia V4 Mink A’ Van Twin Bonnet 8′ High. 1905 Price £7.20
                1022W Dia V4 Mink A’ Van Twin Bonnet 7’6″ High. 1905 Price £7.20
                1023W Dia.V5 ‘Mink A’ Van 7′ High. 1906 Price £7.20
                1027W Dia.V4 ‘Mink A’ Van 8′ High. 1906 Price £7.20
                1028W Dia.V4 Low ‘Mink A’ Van 7’6″ High. 1906 Price £7.20


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                Glenn Lewis

                  Wow! What a comprehensive list. Many thanks. This is what I joined a society for!


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                  Dai Davies

                    There would have been private owner wagons around in the Edwardian era as well. So you can hunt up Slaters ( recently reintroduced), Cambrian? And others. Lots to be found second hand/ new on eBay and so on.

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                    Richard Spratt

                      Beware that the Coopercraft N13 kit is 6″ narrower than it should be.

                      There is also the Parkside Peco kits:
                      PC38 Mink Goods,
                      PC563 Iron Mink
                      PC81 10 ton Open
                      PC84 10 ton Goods Van

                      Oxford Rail goods brake vans. Most of the Ratio GWR kits are too modern for you.

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                      Stuart Firth

                        Don’t forget the wagons of other railways – the Slaters Midland Railway kits and Ratio LNWR ones (The latter now available from Peco I think) spring to mind. They could have been seen anywhere in the country, though before the first world war ushered in the start of common user agreements they would have returned ‘home’ empty.

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