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These are the most frequently asked questions and the answers. If your question isn’t here, please go to the Contact page and send an email.

Questions about Membership

What happens if I join just before the membership year starts?

If you join the Society between expoEM (in May) and the 1st October, your membership starts immediately but you don’t pay any extra.

When does the membership year start?

The membership year starts on 1st October.

Questions about the EMGS Shop

How do I buy items from the shop?

You must be a member of the Society if you want to buy from the EMGS Shop. This is a constraint applied by HMRC not the Society. If you are not a paid-up member, you can still buy from the Shop if you attend one of the Society exhibitions … expoEM and expoNorth … your entry fee grants you “Day Membership” of the Society.

If you are a member of the Society, you’ll need to login to your account – click the button at the top-right of any page on the website – and navigate to the Shop page.

Questions about the Newsletter

I haven’t received my copy. What should I do?

Contact the Editor as he is responsible for the mailing. He will check against the mailing list and if there is an error then a replacement copy will be sent. There is no charge for this.

Should your name not be on the list then the Editor will work with the Membership Secretary and advise you of the outcome. You may have simply forgotten to renew your membership or an administrative error could have been made.

I see traders advertising in the Newsletter. Are they charged for this?

Traders who are members can advertise in the Newsletter. Currently there is no charge for their entry. These are accepted on a first come basis.

I’ve misplaced/lost/damaged a copy. Can a replacement be supplied?

We do normally have spare copies. However the printers sometimes supply the exact number we order but often considerably more. Please be aware that we do run out of certain issues. For single copies there is no charge but if you request multiple copies then we would appreciate a contribution towards the postage. There would be no charge if arrangements were made to collect at a Society event.

Alternatively PDF versions of the Newsletters going back to issue 165 are available for download from the website. Please note – latest issue may take a few weeks before it appears on the website.

My club has an exhibition soon. Will you accept an advert for the ‘Exhibitions’ section?

The Society is always willing to promote local shows. All we ask is that the show includes a layout by an EMGS member. This layout can be either in EM or P4. Alternately if there is an EMGS demonstration stand then we will happily carry the advert. All adverts are subject to space. Please be aware of the issue date of our Newsletter and the date of your show.

Send the advert or details to the Editor. If you send a pdf of a large poster then it may not produce well when reduced in size.

My copy was delivered damaged/wet/torn open or incomplete. Can you help?

Contact the Editor and a replacement mailing will be sent to you.

What are the cut-off dates for submitting items for entry in the Newsletter?

Typically the cut-off date is ten days before the month of the next issue. As an example the April edition had a cut-off date of 20th March. Every issue gives the cut-off date of the next issue. It can be found on the back page or in the ‘Society Events’ box on page 3.

What are the publication dates of the newsletter?

The Newsletter is published 4 times per year in January, April, July & October. Normally it is mailed in the second week of the month. (Subject to Editors’ holidays).

What is the position regarding members sales and wants?

Adverts for the ‘Notice Board’ entry in the Newsletter are free to members, and are accepted on a first come basis. It is suggested that you supply both a telephone number and an email address.

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