EMGS Area Groups

The Society has active Area Groups in the following areas.

  1. Cardiff
  2. Chilterns
  3. Chippenham
  4. Clydeside
  5. Cornwall
  6. Craven and Ribble
  7. Devon
  8. East Dorset
  9. East Herts and West Essex
  10. Essex
  11. Fenland
  12. Heart of England (Midlands)
  13. Kent
  14. Leeds / Harrogate
  15. North East and Borders
  16. North West Somerset
  17. North West Surrey
  18. Oxfordshire
  19. Sarum Finescale Group
  20. South Hampshire
  21. South Somerset
  22. Uxbridge and Harrow
  23. Virtual Area Group
  24. Wrekin

Why do we have Area Groups?

Most of the Area Groups are not conventional model railway clubs – they exist to provide a forum where members can share their experiences and provide mutual support … or just have a good old-fashioned natter! These groups are particularly important for new members and others who want to broaden their skills, and perhaps need a little assistance or advice from time to time.

Area Groups can be a helpful first contact for modellers who need help and encouragement to take the plunge into modelling in EM.

What do Area Groups do?

Area Groups often meet in rotation in members’ homes or at local club rooms, and some are joint EM/Scalefour groups.

Some Area Groups organise a program of talks and demonstrations throughout the year, and they are a great place to take along a new model to show to other group members.

There’s an Area Group section in the EMGS Newsletter – many of the groups send in periodic reports and this is an excellent way of finding out what everyone is up to.

Would you like to visit an Area Group?

If you’d like to visit an Area Group, whether or not you’re an EMGS Member, get in touch with the Area Groups Secretary to find out where the nearest group is and who to contact. Send an email to areagroups@emgs.org

If there isn’t a group in your area, why not set one up? A group can be just a few members, and organising one isn’t hard work. Don’t be put off if you’re not a highly experienced modeller – all you need is the desire to meet like-minded modellers and the enthusiasm to do something about it. The Area Groups Secretary can help with a list of members in your locality – just email areagroups@emgs.org to discuss the possibilities.

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