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      Stephen Smith

        I have many Bachmann BR Mk1 coaches and GUVs to convert to EM. I have tried wheel-pulling the existing sets then using a file on the backs of the bogie frames to enable them to run freely enough. I’m not keen on this as the bearing surfaces of the frames are reduced in depth.

        But what would be the best new EM wheel-sets to fit instead of pulling? ….Ideally ones that would need no alterations to the bogies…?

        (I have searched supplier sites but I can’t tell which of their offerings would be right.)

        Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before, but again if it has I was not able to find the posts.

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        Nick Ridgway

          I have filed the insides of the bogie frames for mine because it doesn’t bother me and it fits my ham-fisted, cheap-and-nasty approach. If this isn’t desirable, then consider a swap-out of the wheelset for a Gibson one, available from the Trade Officer, as these have a narrower tread relative to Bachmann ones.

          Over time I have built up a range of metal wheelsets in by Glory Box and the variations between them are startling, despite most being compatible with trackwork built to EM standards. There has been some correspondence on this topic of late and a trawl through recent Newsletters will find it.

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          Michael Whitchurch


            Having now got a large roundy round layout I’m not convinced of the long term viability of a steel pinpoint axle running in the plastic sideframes on RTR coaches. Nowadays I now standardise on Comet etched subframes, Bachmann specific ones where applicable, or the standard version of the correct wheelbase for others, Hornby, Lima etc.

            Unsurprisingly they do make a vast difference to running abilities of the coaches, and put less of a load on the locomotives, so a benefit all round.



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            Andrew McIntosh

              Taking my first steps into ‘EM’ I’m converting a couple of these as an initial project.  I’ve purchased some of the DCC concepts wheel sets which seem very nice and also a pack of their axle-box reamers.  The problem I’ve encountered is that whilst the wheel sets fit just fine into the bogies without modification the trailing (ie inner) axle on each bogie is very stiff such that the wheels do not turn freely.  It seems to be that the bogie frames on these coaches actually narrow ever so slightly towards the rear since if you hold them open even a minute amount the wheels will turn freely.  I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this, could it be that the pinpoints on the DCC Concepts wheel sets are ever so slightly chunky for the axle boxes?  I have used the reamers on the axle boxes so they should be getting a smooth passage and there is no problem with wheel clearance against the frames or brake shoes.

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              Trade Officer

                Hi Andrew

                Given that the outside set run smoothly it is possible that slight narrowing is causing the pinpoint itself to bind at the end of the bearing rather than the taper pushing against the outside. It depends how snug the available width is


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                Andrew McIntosh

                  Hi John, yes I was thinking that it may well be the pinpoints ‘sticking’.  I do also have some Gibson wheel sets which I’m going to give a go, I think even if the axles were a tiny fraction of a millimetre shorter it may well solve the problem.


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                  Andrew McIntosh

                    Well, further on this I’ve just tried the Alan Gibson wheel sets and they run perfectly.  So have to conclude that the axles on the DCC Concepts ones must be just a fraction too long, at least for this model.  Which is a shame since the all-metal nature of them gives a very premium feel.  Possibly will find a home under something else!

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                    Nigel Burbidge

                      I must admit I have converted both Bachmann and Hornby coaches with Gibson wheel sets and, apart from the usual matter of shaving some of the plastic off the brake pads, they have worked perfectly well for a number of years.

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                      Andrew McIntosh

                        It’s a funny old thing – whist now doing a Bachmann CCT I’ve found that it is the other way around; the DCC concepts (with a little fettling of axle boxes and brake shoes) are the ones which work well whilst the Gibson wheel-sets do not turn at all when in place.  Trial and error I suppose!

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                        Martin Jones

                          Having run two three coach sets on an exhibition layout I used a mixture of Maygib all steel coach wheel and Gibson type. No problems encountered in nearly nine years!

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