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John Cutler


    If, like me, you add seated passengers to this auto trailer, they will probably end up being too high.

    As can be seen from a previous photo, the floor is too thick and too high. This necessitates reducing the height of the unfortunate occupants by 4 or 5 mms. However, by raising the floor level, Bachmann have raised the seat levels too; I estimate by at least a scale 6” or so =2mm. This was probably done to maintain the shape of the seating visible through the windows.

    This can be seen in one of the photos here. I placed a gaggle of gossiping young girls in the “No Smoking” section to hide the bogie retaining screw in the floor. From a height this looks OK but from side-on results in one young lady showing a lot of leg through the window. Paddington should expect an indignant letter from an outraged Mary Whitehouse!

    The screw ‘t’other end was hidden by a cut-down collie placed over the top. It and all the seated figures are secured with Tacky Wax but the 2 standing staff are pinned to the floor.

    You may decide to live with this or mutate (how?) your figures accordingly. It irritates me! I now wonder if the effort of painting and adding people, a good 2 days’ work, is worthwhile. I suppose you could try and reduce the seat heights but I am not sure this is feasible and anyway requires a lot of work, including repainting. I suggest one might as well replace the entire interior for the same effort. The next open saloon will be measured carefully for seat height before I bother to add detailed figures.