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Andrew McIntosh

    Taking my first steps into ‘EM’ I’m converting a couple of these as an initial project.  I’ve purchased some of the DCC concepts wheel sets which seem very nice and also a pack of their axle-box reamers.  The problem I’ve encountered is that whilst the wheel sets fit just fine into the bogies without modification the trailing (ie inner) axle on each bogie is very stiff such that the wheels do not turn freely.  It seems to be that the bogie frames on these coaches actually narrow ever so slightly towards the rear since if you hold them open even a minute amount the wheels will turn freely.  I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this, could it be that the pinpoints on the DCC Concepts wheel sets are ever so slightly chunky for the axle boxes?  I have used the reamers on the axle boxes so they should be getting a smooth passage and there is no problem with wheel clearance against the frames or brake shoes.