Richard Stevenson will be organising the stewarding again in 2024.
There is always a need for some “new faces”, so if you haven’t volunteered before, please consider doing so in 2024. Age or infirmity is no barrier; manning of the outside doors can be undertaken sitting down.
We hope that many of the regulars from past years will also volunteer and Richard asks them to get in touch.
The roles include: marshalling the ticket queues, manning the outside doors, supervising the Test Track, dispensing tea and coffee to exhibitors and providing lunch time cover for exhibitors and demonstrators who are on their own. Rosters are arranged so that stewards have sufficient time off to view the show. Stewards get free entry.
Some volunteers for just a morning will also be welcome, as fewer stewards are required in the afternoons.
If you can assist, please contact Richard at email:
or phone: 01932 342481
or by post:: 15 Wey Barton, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7EF