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      Gerald Grudgings

        Good stiff but thin good quality card can be difficult to find.  Recently have found  some cereal packets have changed.  Oatibix and Kelloggs crunchy nut clusters, for two, have changed from the usual rather soft type to much firmer, looks same from outside but is medium brown on back. Far more rigid, and no need to prime it. Whether this is temporary I don’t know, looks too good to last though!  Worth checking, its easy enough to tweak the edge of a packet without opening it. Needless to say I’m not an “influencer”!!  Gerald Grudgings, Tywyn


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        Nick Ridgway

          The backs of the stiffened envelopes for receiving Model Railway Journal by post were always a reliable source.

          The Hobbycraft chain of shops (not an endorsement – other craft shops are available) is a good source of all sorts of useful stuff.

          There must be sellers on “a well-known internet auction website” and “a south American major river website” (names withheld)?


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            Arthur Greenly

              I have had good quality card from The Range, who hare really well spread nationwide. Prices

              compare very well with Hobbycraft, too.

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