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      Garry owen

        Hi All, I am new to this scale, i have had oo gauge layouts before, I am just starting to build and convert stock to e m gauge, Looks way better to me,  I have a question please, If i build a roundy, roundy layout what min radius should i look for in this scale, Most steam locos would be 4-6-0s with the cylinder whole not cut away at the back as oo have. I have not thought of a layout yet, Just thinking ahead with the space i have.



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        Trade Officer

          Hi Garry

          Although there is no hard a fast rule, I would normally work to 3ft (in old money) radius. you can probably get away with less depending on how much side play you have on the wheels and whether you have any long wheel base rigid stock.

          Design your layout with the maximum radius you can fit and then build a shortish length of track with whatever method you plan to use and run your engines / stock over it.

          With scratch built track gauge widening can help



      Viewing 1 reply thread
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