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      Alan Durham

        …to get the creative energy going.

        Test Valley Sidings has its show debut at the Basingstoke show on 12th and 13th March, so I need to pull my finger out and get it looking a little more presentable.  This is even more of a challenge since I am in the States for 3 weeks before the show getting back to Heathrow on the Thursday before, so I may need you to give me a nudge if I fall asleep at the controller because of jet lag!

        I have put together a very basic lighting rig, am slowly working through getting the layout to run reasonable, adjusting couplings and making the scenery a little more presentable so hopefully it should be in a reasonable state, although unfinished – we won’t open that can of worms!!! 🙂

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        Nigel Burbidge

          Good luck Alan and I look forward to seeing it!

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