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      David Burnett

        Here is my collection of Somerset 6 wheel and 4 wheel coaching stock under development. The 3D resin printed bodies are  produced using an Elegoo Saturn S and water washable resin. Further body prints can be purchased for about £25-£30. I will be publishing articles on design and 3D resin printing in the future.

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        Nick Ridgway

          I made mine from, in the first instance, cut-and-shut activity with Ratio GWR coach sides.

          Over time I have replaced them with similar vehicles from etched kits.

          Lining them was a challenge. An 0.35mm Rotring draughting pen came in very handy. I still have the pen though I haven’t used it since.

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          Paul Willis

            Having seen David’s SDJR coaches “in the flesh” on a couple of occasions at shows, they really are very lovely pieces of work.

            It really goes to show how much CAD and 3D printing are a fantastic tool for modellers.  It’s very much one of the future ways forward for finescale modelling.





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