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      David Harris

        I paid a visit to the Weymouth show this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to see a limited space EM layout called Sheep Croft by Stu Davies.

        It is a narrow layout about 5 feet long, based in the South West in the 60s to 70s.

        It is a very good example of what can be acheived in a small space. For a first attempt by Stu including building his own points and a mixture of RTR conversions and kitbuilt items the result is excellent.

        Well done Stu, hope to see more of it at future exhibitions!

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        Steve Young

          Sheepcroft was at expoEM Summer in Wakefield this year and I saw it a few years back at RailWells. Nice layout and surprising what can be achieved in a small space.

          Wonder if there is any mileage in getting some common standards drawn up so that small layouts can be interconnected together in a sort of modular arrangement. Anyone fancy the challenge?

          Steve Young – Newsletter Editor.

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          Trade Officer

            Well, the NMRA have a standard for exactly that. It is popular in the US called Freemo



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            Steve Young

              Well. That surprises me as I thought it was a German standard as that is where I saw a similar idea years back.
              The Free-Mo website is definitely worth a look so thank you John.


              Steve Young


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              Steve Young

                There is an EMGS manual sheet that covers modules 6 . 6 . 0 . ( 1) written by the late Douglas Smith. I was thinking more on the lines of interconnecting two or three small layouts together, simply, in a straight line, occupying about 10 or 12 feet in length. It would be an exhibition managers nightmare to have to contact 7 or 8 members to bring their respective modules along. However I know of one members who alluded to the fact that he as going to connect two of his very small layouts together to increase scope and to cut down the need for fiddle yards.

                It’s all food for thought.

                Steve Young

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                Paul Tomlinson

                  The Gauge 0 Guild are exploring the modular layout concept. Here is a video from their recent “Virtual Show”. I believe they have commissioned a standard baseboard 750mm x 1200mm from Grainge & Hodder. I’m no longer a member, so don’t have further details.

                  I’ve just looked, and G&H do 400 and 600 x 1200, which are more suited to EM. There’s also a couple with the “Fremo” tag.


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