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      Stuart Firth

        Making a request for information in another conversation here made me realise that between EMGS members we must have an incredibly extensive resource of information including drawings in old magazines etc. I have many hundreds of old mags myself but there does seem to be a lack on online indexes. My thought is that if someone needs a scan of a drawing from the March 1962 Model Railway News, or whatever, then I am their man, and, similarly, others will have access to other resources. Perhaps we could use this thread to ask our fellow members for information?

        I am aware of copyright issues and anything shared would have to be done privately rather than on-line. How would that work? On RMWeb you can do a private message of course but I’m sure we can find a way. Just food for thought…

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        Alan Durham

          I think this is an excellent idea, I’ve got a few bits and pieces that I’d be happy to share.  I have collection of old b&w pictures that I inherited from my father, they date from the 1960s and are Southern and standard locos, the other regions I passed on to other modellers some time ago but I have kept these as I model the Southern.  I am more than happy to scan etc.

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          Trade Officer

            This is something that would of great benefit to the members and make our new website more useful than just an access to the online store

            I seem to have become the de-facto web web master and as such am keen to make best use of the resource we have on the web.

            My thoughts are:

            • Set up a page called “Modellers resources”
            • Put up members own photographs. Obviously we do need to be careful about copyright and need to find a way of making those available.
            • Links to photographic sites e.g. Rail online
            • Links to technical sites such as BR database
            • Put the current list of drawings on there from the CD and update it
            • ???????

            Your thoughts?



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            Stuart Firth

              This sounds like an excellent idea – a proper information exchange.

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              Neil Docherty

                Great idea; I have way to many odd photos and drawings than is healthy and would be more than willing to scan/email etc to a central web site.

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                Trade Officer

                  I have put something together as a starting point.

                  Under Members area there is a new item called Modelling resources. I have put somethings by way of examples. Most of them will get taken down as they are copyrighted and probably not necessarily relevant to the section.

                  At present I don’t yet have a way for you to upload directly (working on it) so if you have anything then send it to me and I will put it onto the site. Remember copyright!

                  As we go along I am sure that things will need to changed slightly, but that is for the future

                  If there is anything glaringly obvious let me know.


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                  Nick Ridgway

                    If any member needs access to an article or drawing in any issue of the Model Railway Constructor magazine, last published in 1987, then let me know as I have all of them.

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                    Stuart Firth

                      I have all Model Railway News from about 1960 to when it became Model Railways, then probably most of those too. A lot but not all Railway Modellers from about 1970 until I got bored with it in the 90’s. All MRJ, all Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review. Happy to scan articles or drawings, for personal use only of course.

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                      Nigel Burbidge

                        And, of course, Peco has recently scanned the entire archive of the Railway Modeller going back to 1949.  There is some fascinating stuff in there from the 1950s and 60s, with a good collection of drawings.  I’m not quite sure how one would be able to download or print drawings though.

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                        Michael Clifford

                          Another potentially useful resource is the Internet Archive

                          Many books are available to download or borrow for a renewable period of one hour, for which a free registration / account is required.

                          Enter search details as appropriate (Creator seems to cover author and publisher in some cases) and use various forms of the topic you  require information on, for example LMS, London Midland & Scottish, London Midland and Scottish, etc. and try with and without quotation marks around the phrase.

                          Two examples:

                          Using “Midland Railway” for the title generates 81 responses, some of which are American Midland Railways and there are some duplicates therein, but several are UK relevant and potentially useful.

                          Using “R.J. Essery” for the creator is unsuccessful.  Using just “Essery” produces eight hits including two very useful volumes.


                          The HathiTrust;page=advanced is another possibility but in my experience not as good as Internet Archive.

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                          Colin Wilson

                            If you look at the EMGS CD you’ll find an index of drawings in the model railway press which I produced some time ago. One link is incorrect – the LNER wagons link takes yoy to LMS wagons, but you can locate the LNER list by by searching the file structure

                            Colin Wilson

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                            Paul Willis
                              On Colin Wilson said

                              If you look at the EMGS CD you’ll find an index of drawings in the model railway press which I produced some time ago. One link is incorrect – the LNER wagons link takes yoy to LMS wagons, but you can locate the LNER list by by searching the file structure

                              Colin Wilson

                              Or for ease, just look in the Members Area on the EMGS website…

                              EMGS index of drawings (opens in new tab)

                              Best wishes,




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