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      Nick Ridgway

        Using the dimensions in the Manual, I wonder if there is support for the commercial development of an EMGS platform edge alignment and construction gauge and a passing clearance alignment and construction gauge, in both 18.2 and 18.83?

        Just askin’.

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        Paul Willis

          Hi Nick,

          For 18.83, the Scalefour Society Multigauge includes (amongst other dimensions) settings for:

          – Minimum platform clearance
          – Platform height
          – Minimum structure clearance (e.g signal posts)

          So there may not be a huge appetite for these things in P4. For EM modellers it may be a different story. The multigauge itself is made from steel, about a millimetre thick, so it is quite robust. I have mine, and the instructions, sitting in front of me, as it is always handy for quick checks. It normally lives with other gauges in my toolbox for that reason.


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          Nick Ridgway

            Didn’t know about that. I could always get one and file 0.31mm off both gauge edges, perhaps.
            Ta muchly.

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