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      Aaron Henderson

        Hi folks,

        I’m new to EM gauge and have decided to build a small test track consisting of a single, branching line (i.e. three lengths of track connected to a turnout) – going this route in order to test my rolling stock re-gauging skills before committing any further. I’m using an EMGS Peco turnout and I purchased a Gaugemaster PM-4 Seep point motor to control the switch rails and the polarity of the frog. Alas, I’ve already hit a bump in the road. It looks like the throw of the switch rails in the Peco turnout is considerably less than that of the point motor. As a consequence, the contact at the base of the switch rod that would change the polarity of the frog can not move a sufficient distance to complete its job (i.e. it remains in contact with one of the polarity strips on the circuit board of the point motor, rather than disconnecting from one and then connecting to the other).

        So, either I am doing something very wrong (which is very possible) or these Seep point motors are not suitable for the EMGS turnouts. If it’s a case of the latter, can anybody recommend an alternative point motor that works with these turnouts.

        Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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        David Franks

          Hi, what you need is an omega loop connecting the motor to the point, an omega loop is a piece of suitable brass wire say 0.7 or 0.9mm dia with a U shaped loop in the middle which absorbs excess movement of the point motor. I have dozens of them working on my layout Wharfeside and they take the ‘shock’ of a solenoid snapping across when used with handbuilt built points. Experiment with different sizes of wire and sizes of loop.

          All the best.

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            Aaron Henderson

              Hello David, many thanks for your help! However, I can’t quite visualise how the omega loop would apply to a point motor mounted under the point. Could you direct me to any visuals of this type of arrangement? Thanks again!

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            Stuart Firth

              Does the operating rod/wire have much flexibility? if so then a spacer between the point motor and the underside of the layout will allow it to flex, which, with experimentation, should allow the solenoid to throw fully. I am being theoretical as I haven’t used one but will need to do similar soon!

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                Aaron Henderson

                  Ah, yes, great suggestion! Will give this a go – thanks for the tip.

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