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      Nick Ridgway

        The substrate is wall lining paper, from a roll that goes under regular wallpaper.

        The sky is a couple of emulsion tester pots, being sky blue and “Whitby mist”, with a tube of Chinese white watercolour dabbed over for clouds.

        The back layer of foliage is viridian green let down with burnt umber and Whitby mist. The next layer is sage green and burnt umber let down with Whitby mist and a dab of chrome yellow.

        I hadn’t done this before, and it’s been 52 years since my last Art class.

        A 2 metre length took me about 8 hours to do.

        Go on. Have a go!

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        Nick Ridgway

          Pic 2:

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          Trade Officer

            That is a good looking backscene and certainly looks better (and unique) than the shop purchased ones The sky is particularly impressive. Did you get the “fade” at the edges of the clouds by painting them when the background paint was wet or thinned them out at the edges with a brush.

            My son used to paint and he tells me that it is very therapeutic and I must admit I find weathering my locos has a similar effect



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            Nick Ridgway

              I put the blue on first, leaving spaces where clouds were to go, and let it dry. The blue fades gradually to mist closer to the ground. A combination of Chinese white and mist for the clouds.

              I’m both pleased and relieved about how it went.

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              Nick Ridgway

                I used lining paper because it has a stiff quality, takes paint well and, because it comes on a roll, it goes round an inner corner between the back and the side without introducing a corner or a crease.

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