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      Godfrey Earnshaw

        I am Godfrey Earnshaw. I have been trying to place an order for several days and have phoned the Trade Officer 3 times. He said he would forward me an invoice by email, as the PayPal system has not accepted my payment, even though it is fully aware of my details. The email hasn’t come either.
        Since first attempting to pay, I have lost the possibility of purchasing a filing jig, due to this irritating system.
        I have just tried again to pay and it looks as if it haas gone through but again I have no confirmation.
        This is frustrating can someone do something about it.
        cheers Godders

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        Trade Officer

          Hello Godfrey

          firstly, please accept my apologies for the problems you have been having

          I am afraid I have been away visiting family this weekend and only just got back and so was unable to follow up on the problem you have had paying for your orders.

          I don’t know what is happening with your attempts at payment. I did send an invoice out on the 7th Oct but clearly it has not arrived in your email.

          I note that you have placed a second order.

          I will ring you tomorrow to sort this out. The best way will be to take your card details over the phone and I can then put the payment in manually, if that is OK



          Trade Officer

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          Ray Warner

            Hi John,

            Can a order be placed and collected at a show ? If so does it need paying for when ordering and how do you remove the postage. Many thanks, Ray.

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              Trade Officer

                Hi Ray

                The Collect at Show option wasn’t re-enabled after the lack of shows due to Covid. I have just opened that up for use

                At checkout you will have the option of “Collection at show” in the postage section. Clicking that will remove the postage. There is also a “Collection at Show” in the payment section. If you want to pay for it at the show then select that.

                Let me know if yo have any issues with it


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