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      Patrick Hunt

        James Walters, who has a web site detailing the development of his Bexhill West layout in P4, has developed a novel servo turnout which can be used with scale tie bars fixed in two positions or the regular central hole tie bar as found on most RTR or kit built turnouts such as teh sold by the EMGS.

        He has two videos showing the initial development and then the improvements.  It is a really clever compact design. The link to the site is below and the videos are S2 E10 and S2 E11 respectively.

        James has other development on the site which might be worth looking at , the yard crane for one.

        No connection, just keep to get hold of his new servo mounts and tell others about them.!  Jame has indicated he will make an EM version if there is demand.  If longer pins were put on the British Finescale turnout switch blades these might simply drop into an EM variant of the servo mount.



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