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      Alan Cooper

        Does anyone have experience of using this? In particular I am working through a two baseboard layout and wondered how best to control points across a temporary baseboard join.

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        Philip Tattershall

          Yes, I have used this system but it was about 50 years ago(!) on a permanent club layout without baseboard joins. These days I use electrical methods either with commercial point motors or servos where you just need to take wires across the baseboard join.

          With Mercontrol I would probably try to have a sliding item (like a pcb sleeper sliding between woodscrews) with a vertical peg in it on either side of the join and place a piece of strip with a couple of holes drilled in it over the two pegs so that the strip could be removed when the boards were separated.

          Hope this helps


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          Mike Price

            What I have done is position the operating switches either side of the baseboard joint (in the centre of the layout so to speak) so that one doesn’t have to connect/disconnect anything when assembling/dismantling. I use small slide switches with a hole drilled in the operating ‘knob’ with a small piece of copper tube on the wire either side which is then soldered to the wire at the required position. Clip your turnout so that the switch will be in the ‘push’ position and with the wire fitted to the stretcher bar; solder the copper tube against the switch ‘knob’. Next unclip the turnout and clip it the other way; slip another piece of copper tube on the wire, push the switch ‘back’ slightly and solder the tube against the other side of the switch knob. A small dab with the soldering iron is usually all that is needed and the ‘frog’ polarity can then be wired through the switch.
            Easier to do than write about it!

            Mike Price

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