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      Alan Durham

        I have recently purchased a subscription to the model railway periodical that used to be aimed at “the average modeller” ūüėČ.¬† With that has come access to the digital back catalogue of all previous volumes and I have been struck by the changes in layout styles and of course the steady increase in both modelling standards and stock etc.¬† There are obviously layouts such as Buckingham still around, on which one of the obvious differences is the changes in track standards, however that said of course it is still a wonderful layout and the modelling is wonderful IMO.¬† ¬†This has me wondering if there are other “historic” layouts still around?¬† Hull MRS seemed in my memory to be prolific in producing great layouts like Rushenden Metals and Chessington South, that I used to look at in awe.¬† Are layouts like these and maybe earlier vintage still being used somewhere?¬† It is incredible to think that some of Pendon is of a similar vintage to the likes of Buckingham, although I’m not sure that the layman would guess.¬† It would appear to me that there may have been a shift towards smaller end to end layouts, although now it seems to be shifting away from that again towards big roundy rounds, thanks to the likes of Pete Waterman and the Heaton Lodge layout?

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        Nigel Burbidge

          Hi Alan,

          Yes, I have a subscription to the self same magazine and have spent many happy hours revisiting my childhood and remembering layouts that inspired me all those years ago.  Although I am more of an LNER adherent, I do think Garsdale Road stands out as an exceptional model, with its EM track made from Kingsway bullhead components.  Sadly I think David Jenkinson tore it all up when he scrapped his Little Long Drag and went O gauge.

          kind regards


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          Alan Durham

            Garsdale Road!¬† Yes that was very much one that I pored over in the magazines for periods of time.¬† Although I have a liking for that little branch line aka the Southern, although I appreciate any “good” layout wharever scale and era, it just so happened that those two southern ones sprang immediately to mind.¬† I remember as a teenager seeing the layout Midhants by the Winchester modellers in RM and being blown away by it, I was absolutely thrilled when the club I was in at the time secured for its 1979 exhibition.¬† I do have a particular liking for smaller layouts and large ones can sometimes leave me cold but that said to prove my point that I appreciate all types of layouts, another 2 favourites were Chee Tor and Biggleswade.¬† I seem to recall that a group from Maidenhead I¬† the 80s had quite an extensive layout of industrial background, do I remember correctly in seeing a beautifully weathered Western complete with faded paintwork?

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            Philip T Tuer, S.R.N.


              Linthwaite, previously belonging to Bill Shillcock and Haverthwaite built and owned by Ross Pochin, both to the original 18mm EM gauge, are still in existence and used occassionally, having been regauged to the current EM standard. The latter is a story to be told in the EMGS Newsletter, when I finish writing it.


              Two shots of Linthwaite



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