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      Mark Lancaster

        Have any members experience of converting the Kernow A-1-A North British Warship and the Bullied SR 1-Co-Co-1 Diesels to EM Gauge.
        Did you experience any problems or are they simple drop ins.
        Did you simply spread the existing wheels?
        Was any lathe work required?
        If new wheels and gear sets were required from where did you purchase them?

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        Steve Young


          I can advise is that we have instructions for converting the Kernow Bullied diesel.
          Go to Members Area and select Technical Papers. This is where they are at present but they will be moved to be near the Manual Sheets when we get things sorted. The conversion you require is the last article and we’ve had it for ages as initially we wanted to make it a Manual Sheet, but it’s not really suitable. They will only be on the website.

          Can’t comment on the early warships except I saw them at Paddington when I was a lad.

          Steve Young – EMGS Newsletter Editor



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          • This reply was modified 7 months, 2 weeks ago by Steve Young.
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          Trade Officer

            Hi Mark

            The conversion sheet is now on the web site.

            If you go to the manual sheets (via the “Members Area” drop down) there is a section called technical papers

            Click on the tech paper you want.

            Any problems get in touch



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