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      Paul Tomlinson

        Thank you to Steve Young for an enjoyable Newsletter. There were a couple of articles which I particularly enjoyed, so thanks too to the Authors..

        Paul Rhodes’ super build of a High Level G.E. tank loco was excellent. A quirky yet attractive loco and a top quality kit.

        Nigel Burbidge’s build of his lovely G.E. station building from a laser-cut kit. Over on Western Thunder, Larry Goddard has built a number of these kits in both 4mm and 7mm, adapting them to suit his own needs. IMO it’s a shame that it’s cost seems to have shot up recently, otherwise I too would be tempted to have a go. Nigel mentioned his difficulties applying the mortar wash – I’d recommend sealing the porous MDF at an early stage – I’ve used a shellac/meths wash on card buildings before, but I would recommend that everyone has a read of Stephen Fay’s Painting Tips on the Intentio website.

        Steve Young reviewed a book on Brewery Railways. I like them, or those at distilleries – you can get the typical Ruston 48 or 88ds in both RTR and kit form, so something for everyone. I also like the pitched-roof Leith General Warehousing wagons, often used to transport the wares. Steve mentioned Wrexham Lager. Living where I do, I find their old poster amusing in it’s placement of Wrexham in England! :


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