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      Alan Durham

        Bit of a random one this, but just wanted to share my thoughts!

        Those who know me well know that I don’t do clubs and the EMGS is the only club/society that I am a member of apart from being a friend of Pendon.  I have nothing against clubs having previously been a member of a number of clubs and in fact served on committees in various roles, I no longer have an appetite to meet in a club environment and I fully respect those that do.  Generally I am quite happy doing my own thing and I do share my modelling time with friends but not in a club sense, it is probably worth saying here that our interests are diverse and varied.  I guess I have all the benefits of working on my own projects in my own way without all the administration etc that is required for a club to operate (I have expressed an interest in helping on at least one day at the next ExpoEM).  It could probably be considered a little selfish of me that I take more from the EMGS than I give, but I am willing to help and support the EMGS without becoming involved in the vital activities necessary for an society like this.

        So is there any point in these ramblings, probably not, however there are a couple of things that I’d like to add.

        Firstly thank you to all those who put so much time and effort into the EMGS and secondly apart from the direct output from the EMGS, the trade area and the EXPOs, the one thing I do enjoy is to be able to meet up with other modellers at the area groups.  My attendance is sporadic due to work and other commitments but it is one of the more pleasurable ways to spend an evening talking about trains (and other things) over a cuppa.  I am thoroughly enjoy this new world where we can get out and about again and although my modelling skills may be somewhat agricultural compared to some members output it is great to see what you are doing and to learn from your experiences.

        So in conclusion I like the EMGS and I like what I personally get and take from it.

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        Nigel Burbidge

          Hi Alan,

          I think many of us would agree with you in a lot of what you say.  However, having seen some of your modelling at the area group meeting last night I certainly cannot agree with your comment that your modelling is agricultural!! Your M7’s are a delight and I think you are too modest in your claims.  For those who haven’t dipped a toe in the water, though, a visit to an area group meeting is something to try out.  You never know, you might even enjoy it,



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