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      daryll hunt-davies

        My Track building skills , are akin to brain surgery , while waring a blindfold…lol , so I will try the RTR points and flexy track , , I look forward to other points , B7 , crossovers and slips etc , when I start building I will take photo`s

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        Nick Ridgway

          Very good. Bear in mind that the use of a crossing with a lower number than 8 in a passenger line crossover at standard double track centres (scale 11ft 2in) increases the risk of buffer locking.

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          Rhobat Bryn Jones

            What is the latest on the Peco EM track and points?

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              Trade Officer

                What is it you want to know about the track and points?



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              Nick Ridgway

                I’d ask the Trade Officer rather than post. Contact details in the Newsletter.

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                Nick Ridgway

                  … because one waits a lot quicker.

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