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      John Cutler

        This conversion is comparable to that of the Bachmann 57xx and 8750 pannier tanks; pretty simple. So recommended for the novice.

        There is no conversion guide currently available for this loco. (The Oxford Rail conversion is covered by Pete Hill on the Alan Gibson website). These notes hopefully might help.

        I used the Alan Gibson LNER K3 conversion wheelset for the replacement drivers (AG code: 4800/23). Be careful ordering the rear radial wheels; the size varies between locos (30583 has smaller wheels matching the bogie). To remove the tight-fitting body from the chassis, 2 screws need to be extracted from under the tanks plus one from the chimney (but I understand that this does not apply to all models; I did not re-use this chimney screw as from previous experience it could lead to body distortion). Care needs to be taken not to overtighten the 2 screws under the tanks or you can distort the cab. Against all expectation, I found no digging was needed for clearances. This loco is really well engineered and balanced by Hornby. It is tempting to try and add a lot more weight, but it really does not need it and you might upset the overall weight distribution. I added a chunk of lead between the firebox sides under the keeper plate as this is central and should not upset the loco balance. I also added a brass bush to weigh down the rear axle of the bogie as it tended to rise. Unlike others, I do not seem to have a problem with gradient changes or undulating track (of which I have plenty!) but if you do, the perceived wisdom is to reduce the thickness of the bogie washer or even remove it. I kept the bogie pick-ups and toyed with the idea of adding pick-ups to the trailing radial axle. My recommendation is do not bother with the complication! The most awkward part of the conversion was fitting AJ couplings; these ended up being secured to the NEM pockets with handrail knobs.

        I am not a DCC fan. Space for a DCC coder is provided in the bunker but the fit is very tight; ask others which chip to use. The coal and tank filler are easily levered out to reveal a proper floor for the coal. I guess this could be removed to make more space for a chip. Hopefully technology improvements will allow me to fit small (stay-alive) supercaps in the bunker some time in the future.

        In terms of negotiating awful sharp radius trackwork and steady slow running, the Hornby Adams Radial out-performs my heavy brass split-axle Adams 02; most upsetting!

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