Happy New Year to you all….

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        <div dir=”auto”>It’s has been a busy year for me after discovering EM back in June, a massive learning curve since then, indeed, having never built a model railway layout before. So far, I have enjoyed every minute of it, specially as for the last six weeks I have actually started to lay some track down. Probably picking the hardest part of the layout to start off on wasn’t one of my best decisions, but nothing ventured nothing gained…</div>
        <div dir=”auto”>Anyway here’s to 2022…..</div>
        <div dir=”auto”>All the best</div>
        <div dir=”auto”>Paul</div>

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        daryll hunt-davies

          An A happy new year to you as well , well ,  your at a more advanced stage than me , I am still getting my head Anyrail , it was easy with Peco setrack , but B7 EM turnouts were a different beast all to gether

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              Hi Daryll,

              Anyrail is a good package, I did try that, then moved on to Templot. Not sure I’m using that to it’s full capacity though. just getting by.


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            Trade Officer

              Hopefully this year will see a few more get togethers and shows in person rather than virtual.

              Well if you manage the hard part, Paul, the rest will be a breeze (in theory )

              A happy and fruitful modelling year to everyone









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              Stuart Firth

                Happy New year – looking forward to seeing some photo’s of your work. The first exhibition our area group has an active role in is Alexandra Palace. How well I remember the week coming up to the event in 2020, deliberating over whether to attend, finally deciding not to in order to protect elderly relatives, and then of course events taking over in any case. Better luck this year I hope – we need it !

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