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      Andrew Hannaford

        I’ve started work on converting the EFE Rail (/Heljan?) Hymek to EM using Alan Gibson wheelsets. Based on what I’d read on various, it looks like it should be a fairly straightforward swap and drop-in, however I’m wondering if the EFE version of the Hymek has been changed in subtle ways that might make it slightly more difficult…

        Namely, the pickups seem to be set to bear on the rear of the wheels somewhere towards the middle, not a problem for the OO wheels as they have metal backs. However the Gibsons are plastic centred and need the pickup bearing nearer the rim, and there doesn’t seem to be enough downward play in the pickup to allow this to happen.

        Bending the pickups outwards to match the wider back to back is fine, as reported elsewhere, it’s just there doesn’t seem to be a way to then get them where they need to touch!

        Has anyone else done an EFE as opposed to Heljan conversion and found this, and if so any suggestions how to get round it?

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        Andrew Hannaford

          Hopefully this shows what I mean – pickups can be bent out but not down. I’m thinking one option might be to solder a new pickup wire off the original but this seems a shame if I’m missing something that should be a simple drop in?

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            Nigel Burbidge

              Hi Andrew

              I see what you mean and haven’t come across that issue on any RTR conversions I have tackled.  I think your logic is good; I would be inclined to file the brass bulge out of the current wiper and solder some suitable length phosphor bronze strip to it in order to extend the pick up to the edge of the wheels.


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