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      Jason Muxworthy

        I have recently completed EM conversions on the Bachmann G2A (Super D) and the Hornby Drummond 700 (aka Black Motor).

        Having done previous conversions on both tender and tank locos these are the first tender engines I have converted which now don’t work post conversion. I have checked all the contacts on the pick-ups and they are in contact with the wheels. I also ensured that the motor is working normally by connecting direct to the motor – all fine.

        It just doesn’t seem to want to work when power is provided to the wheels which I got from Alan Gibson.

        Any help and advice would be welcome – thanks in advance

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        Paul Tomlinson

          Jason, a complete guess on my part. Reading the conversion notes, one loco picks up from the tender, the other from the loco itself, but both rely on the loco-to-tender connection, and there is a cautionary note in the G2A notes re. alignment of the “pins” in the connector. If you’ve had the need to disconnect them, perhaps double-check they’re back as delivered? Good luck sorting it out.

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          Bob Allison

            Jason, you know the motor and controller work.  What happens if you connect the power leads direct to the pickup strips? If nothing, there is a break in the circuit between there and the motor. Is a wire loose or the connector the wrong way round?  Just keep on hooking the power leads closer and closer to the motor until it works, then the villain should be apparent.


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              Jason,  Hard to diagnose these kind of problems remotely – do you have access to a multimeter?  If so, you can check through each connection from the drivers to the relevant side motor connection step by step.

              One thing you do have to be careful of when doing conversions, is not breaking one of the wires connected to the keeper plate, as it’s difficult to get enough length on them when removing the plate.  Maybe worth checking these (I know it’s a pain getting in there!).

              Have you removed the DCC blanking plugs for any reason?  Again, maybe worth checking they’re still plugged fully home.

              Hope that helps.




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