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      Trade Officer

        EMGS Web site – Classified adverts

        How it will work

        The classified advert section will be housed on the EMGS forum.

        There will be two sub sections :

        •  For Sale
        • Wanted

        To place an advert create a topic as per usual with what you want to sell and include any pictures. You will NOT need to put any contact details as in the background this will be obtained from your membership profile.

        To show an interest in buying reply to the topic. Again, there is no need to input any contact details. When you submit the reply the system will email the seller with your contact details obtained from your membership profile. It will be then up to the seller to get back to you.

        It follows from the above that both the seller’s and buyer’s email and / or phone number must be correct on your membership profile. Check by logging in and clicking on the “My Account”  menu item. The system will not check if the information is correct.

        After a set time (to be decided but likely 4-6 weeks) the advert will automatically be placed in the bin. After a further length of time, it will be permanently deleted. This will give the opportunity to place the advert again without retyping. The seller can delete the advert themselves if needed

        Non members will be able to see the adverts as per other topics. However they will not be able to reply or see any personal information

        The transaction will be solely between the seller and the buyer. The Society does not accept responsibility for the transaction not being honoured or the description being incorrect.

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        Steve Young

          Hi John,
          Possibly me being thick but I’ve sold the items I listed. How do I ‘close’ it so other people know it’s sold? Do I just click on ‘bin’?

          Steve Young – Newsletter Editor.





















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