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      David Higgs

        I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has converted the Dapol OO Gauge Class 22 to EM Gauge.

        Is it simply a matter of re-gauging the wheelset?



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        Peter Hill

          Basically, yes it is just a matter of pulling the wheels out. You will also need to remove some material from the top corners of the bogie sideframes where the wider spaced wheels will foul the mouldings. It should be fairly obvious exactly where and how much to remove once you have pulled the wheels out as the bogie moulding will not fit back correctly until the surplus is removed.

          Pete Hill

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          David Higgs

            @Peter Hill said:
            Basically, yes it is just a matter of pulling the wheels out.   

            Thank you for your reply.

            The reason for asking is I’ve seen others have reduced the Wheel Thickness and re- profiled the Flanges which is not really an option for me due to lack of Lathe etc.

            I will try the “pulling the wheels out” route.

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            Alan Rhodes

              I have converted two as Peter Hill described. I added several spacing washers to reduce side play. Setting the back to back was by trial and error as the Dapol flange is wider than normal in EM. B2B was set at 16.2mm. Both run fine through my A5 and B6 pointwork.

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              David Higgs


                Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

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                Jonathan Allen

                  Just done this conversion, used a GW wheel puller to pull the wheels out and you will have to shave off some plastic as already mentioned, but only took about an hour to do it. A quick fairly painless conversion, but the Class 122 Bubble Car is even easier!

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