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      Ian Folland

        I have converted a couple of the recent version of the Bachmann Class 20 (part number 35-355 in this case) using Ultrascale wheels.

        The design of the bogies has been modified since the Manual Sheet was produced hence the Ultrascale wheels as supplied are not a drop-in replacement, and the existing gear and bearings need to be reused (similar to the latest version of the Class 47 – Manual Sheet 3.2.6.(16a)).

        The plastic spacing spigots on the back of the Ultrascale wheels need reducing (I filed them until about right, giving a bit of play), and the brake pull rods which run outside the wheels also need thinning.


        A few pictures:

        As supplied, 00 wheel sets; Bogie moulding removed; 00 wheel set in the wheel puller I use, bought on Amazon; one EM wheel set fitted; bogie moulding before thinning the brake pull rods; finished article (just some cleaning up to do)



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        Simon Stewart

          Thanks for the info and pictures Ian

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          Garry owen

            Yes, Nice looks very easy i do like that little puller.

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              Paul Moss

                Yes, I liked the look of that puller as well and found its still for sale on Amazon.


                Its only £9.76 and free delivery if you can wait a couple of working days!


                Good conversion article by the way, thanks for sharing

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              Garry owen


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