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Nigel Chandler

    A form of update regarding the aforementioned loco; from the small amount of  information I have been able to pool together, one article with a very good overview of these locos, and pertinent rebuilds etc, highlights the fact that the LBSCR and SR  never formalised a designation to rebuilt locos, ergo C2 and C2X are interchangeable, although outwardly there will be notable differences. I have, at present, come to the conclusion, that barely two locos within these two designations are the same, ergo to construct an accurate model will require photos of the real thing. When one considers the simple fact, that this class was a “maid-of-all-work”, and barely worth the while of errant “snappers” of the day, albeit I do have a good few photos to fall back on, and shall seek out more. I am only too aware it won’t happen overnight, something my day job bears out, where I spend around 80 to 90% of my time researching.

    Also would I be correct in assuming Alan Gibson’s standard loco axles are 2mm. His catalogue makes no mention of the size. Without knowing this means I cannot order the desired hornblocks, it being my intention to spring the chassis with CSB.