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John Cutler

    Sorry Dai, the last para of my post should have been clearer.

    It should read “I suspect the current draw may be too great for the 0.4A voltage booster”.

    I think a 12 volt or even 9 volt battery is going to be a sourcing issue if using the MR601 receiver. I believe if LIPO batteries are used, they have to be in 3.7v multiples added together so I guess 3 of them equalling 11.1 volts (=lots of space required and careful connections). It is also complicated because I think the MR601 requires an initial setting (on ordering) as to whether it is for lithium or NiMH batteries due to low voltage cut-off issues. I was thinking of using A23  batteries which consist of several coin-cell batteries in a standard wrapping (so they look like traditional batteries). These are non-rechargable but fairly cheap and not too large for a tender. There are adverts claiming the Duracell ones are lithium and alkaline (!?) so not sure which category should be used for initialising the MR601. Perhaps Micron will sell some compatible batteries if MR601 sales take off (but that could be a chicken or egg problem?).

    Maybe I should try and collar Ted Scannell for some advice!!