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John Cutler

    Again I am having trouble posting to this forum. I spent 1.5 hours at 0300 last night trying to post an article, in the vain hope that I would have no problems as there should be no other users. I am keeping below the 5Mb per post limit so that is not an issue. It seems connected to inserting photos.

    I tried again this afternoon with a shorter article and same problem again. The software accepts the topic header but the content, text as well as photos, just disappears. There must be an error message someplace. Ok I cannot see an error message (that would be helpful) but surely it must appear on an Error Log somewhere? What is going on please??

    Are we sure there is not a time limit somewhere?

    Is there somebody who can advise? WordPress?

    This is getting to be very disheartening and I am sorely tempted to give up posting altogether!