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Dai Davies

    Hello John,

    a few points from your post:

    I am not going to add a voltage booster to my Collett Goods: I don’t need it to go fast. I also want to keep my first loco as simple as possible. I shall do so on larger locos when I have a bit more experience .

    I think the Collett Goods has the Buhler motor, it is the one fitted to all the Bachmann GWR locos I’ve torn apart. The controller has to be at about 3 o’clock before I get any movement.

    I am keeping the receiver in the autocoach unless I find it a fag. Once again, I want these forays to be simple. BUT, I do like your idea on that DCKits coupling, so I shall look at that a bit further down the line.

    You say that you are not great at soldering —- well, you’re a lot better than me! I daren’t try doing your harness. Like you, I’d love to have a tank version available; but I shall try the existing harness in a kit- built 61xx or somesuch, where there’s more room available than in an RTR loco.

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