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John Cutler

    This is interesting as I have just fitted a Mabuchi FF-030PK-11160 motor (3-9V) to a newly converted Bachmann N mogul. The LIPO battery powers it (albeit slowly) when connected directly. But via the harness and receiver it fails to turn. So I need an laternative.

    I will refit the Bachmann original 12v motor. I was planning to install a voltage booster but maybe I will see how it performs without one. I do not need a high speed. It seems yours has plenty of power. The Bachmann N’s motor is a Buhler, which is the same as Bachmann offer as a spare for the Collett 2251 Goods. Is your motor a Buhler?

    Your idea of having the R/C equipment in an autotrailer permanently coupled to a tank loco is a good one which I may copy. There is spare space in the guard’s compartment and you can disguise anything by covering it with a luggage net. The dratted Scalefour harness is probably still too large though. Hopefully my Scalefour News article will prompt the development of a smaller version.

    I would be tempted to leave the receiver in the loco. That way you can have a B-set with a battery and harness that can be used by the same loco. Then consider an electric coupling e.g the Viessmann NEM Pocket, 2 Pole electric coupling 5048 – 1 (sold by DCKits).