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Richard Stevenson

    I have now collected the old EM track which was offered for disposal. I have examined the track and found that there are several different types in addition to that constructed from Romford parts. There is at least 15 yd of ‘Little Western’ track also using the Code 72 flat bottom rail, several varieties using the old 2.5 mm high bullhead rail and one using flat bottom rail. Those using bullhead rail include some ply-and-rivet track (or ply-and-brad?), some on printed circuit board sleepers and small quantities of two types that are new to me. One of these secures the rail by a thin nickel silver strip underneath pressed through holes in the sleeper and apparently spot welded to the underside of the rail. Another has rail soldered to plates wrapped tightly round the sleeper. The flat bottom rail has a groove in the base (Peco Code 90?) which appears to be soldered to soft metal studs passing through every fourth sleeper. Most of the studs have parted company with the rail and are missing. The spot welded type must have been factory assembled and is definitely not flexible. I assume that fixed radius curves would also have been available, but there are no samples in the collection. The flat bottom type must also have been factory assembled.

    I attach photographs of the latter three types.

    Can anyone identify any of the manufacturers?