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Paul Tomlinson

    After reading Richard’s post above, I fired off an email to Phoenix asking about stock levels of the two wheel types I was interested in (and am still awaiting a reply…) – I confess I misread the note about diesets being worn out, thinking they meant “diesels” – oops. I found a workaround by trying to add qty 99 axles to my basket, which gave the total number of axles Phoenix hold in stock – and true enough, one type had one axle in stock, just as Richard had reported. I also found the p+p calculated didn’t match the rates on the website, so I ended up paying an extra £3.00. The wheels have just been delivered, and I’m very relieved to say they look fine, phew! Phoenix are about to begin a month-long shutdown, so I’ll pause to consider whether to stock up while I can. By coincidence, a similar enquiry to mine has popped-up on the Scalefour forum (link below). I have some wheels from Alan Gibson due, so I’ll have the opportunity to compare the two types.