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Paul Willis
    On Paul Tomlinson said

    I’ve just been looking at Sharman wheels, at £13 per axle. Does anyone have any feedback about Sharman wheels from Phoenix Precision Paints, good or bad?

    I’ve had a couple of P4 wheelsets from Precision for the GER Y14.  In this case, the Gibson kit, not the Hornby RTR.

    The wheels were part of the “under the counter” phase of supply, before the relaunched wheels were widely available.  I assume that the ones listed now on the website are to the same standard.

    What can I say?  Robust, of a more rigid plastic than Gibson wheels.  The moulded in crankpin means that I don’t have to make sure that I drill/screw the separate one in accurately.  Tyre profile is spot on.  Once fitted properly, I expect them to be extremely reliable.

    I’d definitely suggest them for consideration, and are probably in my opinion superior to the more flex-prone Gibsons for getting a chassis running with consistent back to backs.