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Paul Tomlinson

    I concur with John’s point about Gibson wheels being economic to buy. I’m looking into buying some 3’3″/3’6″ wheels – I bought some from Markits at about £15 per axle, but am looking at the plastic centred ones available. Those from Ultrascale are more than I think affordable, at £22 per axle, Gibsons are around £7.50 per axle, and I’ve just been looking at Sharman wheels, at £13 per axle. Does anyone have any feedback about Sharman wheels from Phoenix Precision Paints, good or bad? I’ve been looking at a relatively recent Drewry 04 on the EMGauge70’s site, which is very nice, and must have Sharman wheels fitted, as they are the only supplier of 3’3″ wheels, as far as I can see…

    With regard to the cut axle ends, I’ve some of these etched covers, which neaten them up a bit. Planet Industrials (their photo), and Markits (taken from RMWeb).