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    I have done a few experiments with 3D printed wheels on my filament 3D printer – a relatively low end Creality. It was part of a trial that the Board wanted to look at to get relatively low cost alternative supply of wheels. The main problem was getting the tyre and wheel manufactured separately and hope they married up and then getting them assembled.

    Are you using a resin or a filament printer? The initial problems i had was with getting the printer set up correctly so that the wheel was within tolerance and concentric. What CAD software?

    I have to admit that I turned my own wheels on my lathe (I’m afraid I am a bit of tool freakšŸ™„) I eventually got a decent 3D print that fitted the tyre with no concentricity issues. It was trial and error though

    The material I used probably wasn’t strong enough (PLA) for a driver but is probably OK for wagon wheels etc

    I would be interested in your progress as I didn’t really get any further than a few prototypes and you have inspired me to have another go



    You are right about 3D printing fundamentally changing our hobby. With wheels the trick will be marrying the tyre to the centre. Unless somewhere out there is a metallic resin or filament to print the whole wheel. I remember a couple of years back reading on a forum about someone who was trying to print their own track – including the rails!