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Giles Favell

    Hi Bob,

    The wheel centres have printed rather well (a far cry from even a couple of years ago….), printed in ABS like resin at 10 micron layer height, and the accuracy is pretty good. They are 0.05mm over in diameter,  and have been pressed into the tyre, with a gentle punching around the edge to get the final seating. I don’t think they will go anywhere.  The axles are pressed in using two filament printed jigs – one to hold the wheel centrally and flat, and the other to hold the axle centrally and square.  A small blob of Devcon/talcum powder mix was put into the wheel hole before pressing. Ive done two wheels thus far, and they’ve come out nice and true (and solid, now the adhesive mix has gone off!).


    I’ve managed to reuse Hornby ‘s very nice threaded inserts in the crank pins which will make a nice neat job. These are inserted into a counter-bored hole from the back, and again retained with a Devcon/Talc mix.



    The frame overlays have been printed and fitted with remarkably little adjustment.




    Importantly,  it looks like they will do the job without causing any unwanted issues. It’s necessary to file away all the existing surface detail before fitting, but that’s a small job.