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Giles Favell

    I’m having a think about converting my B2, and with the wonders on 3D printing, I am printing new wheel centres, with finer tyres. I think the fi ished wheelsets will just sneak in between the existing  slide bars, but we will see…

    It occurred to me that I can print new wheel centres with extended muffs so as to reuse the existing axles. The advantage is of course the centre axle with the final drive gear which can remain undisturbed. We will seehow well this works. I will use Devcon mixed with talcum powder for the adhesive,  and I’ve left channels for it to fill. This mix sets nice and solid.

    I shall also print new dummy side frames to slip over the existing cast ones. This should help the appearance,  rather than leaving a gap. It remains to be seen how well I’ve measured everything! I expect so e re-prints will be called for. If this works, it will make for a relatively easy conversion to EM. P4 may need the cylinders and slide bars moving out a tad…. we will see


    Peckett B2 Wheel Front

    Peckett B2 Wheel Back


    B2 Side Frame for EM & P4