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Paul Willis


    I also bought a couple of RoadRunners, I think, for the Drewry’s, with 1320 coreless motors. They’ll both be rigid chassis, so I’ll use a bit of double-sided tape to hold the motors in place. I’ll write that up when I get round to them.

    I’ll make a suggestion here…

    Rather than a bit of double sided tape, get hold of a pack of the double sided foam pads.  I think they are called “Sticky Fixers” or something like that, and there are no doubt a range of generic ones.

    They will allow the motor to move up and down slightly, whilst still remaining fixed.  I know that you are intending to use fixed axles, but there may be a tiny fraction of eccentricity in the gearset, or in the motor, or whatever.  Better to allow that tiny bit of flex to take place, rather than binding or rattling.

    I do try and avoid rigid motor mounts wherever possible.  The ways that I do this will vary depending on the application: foam pad, blutac, even just rigid wires.  Anything that gives a small amount of movement will help, in my experience.