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Paul Willis

    I was at Scalefour Crewe today, and among other things bought some High Level hornblocks and CSB tags. I fancy giving them a go as I think I’m making the job more difficult than it need be… anyway, I’ll have a play and post when I’ve made some progress…

    The issue as I see it with resting the beam directly on the square bearing is the broad contact point – quite what the effect is, I don’t know, but I would imagine that for optimum performance, the smaller contact area the better. Just a theory…

    I suspect that this is one of those railway modelling questions to which the answer is “in theory yes, in practice no”…

    And all of this bearing (no pun intended) in mind that we are only looking at a bearing movement of +/- 0.5mm anyway.  So the amount of any concave/convex flexure would be absolutely minimal.

    Perhaps the biggest issue against only resting the wire on the top of the bearings is that absent any form of retention at the bottom of the hornguides (something that High Level *does* have) then your wheels would fall out of the bottom of the chassis!