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Paul Tomlinson

    I chose hornblocks from LRM – I use a related design in 7mm, so they were familiar to me. I had a torrid time locating them accurately, and several times questioned my sanity. I used a box from Poppy’s, and some rods I’d fretted out at 26mm centres. I’ve popped a bit of n/s wire in to check the alignment – I’ve yet to solder onto the hornblocks the CSB brackets. I’m going to have to remove some of the inner bearing in order to provide room for a gearbox – I’m aiming for 7mm or so, and there’s the Slimliner Plus box from High Level (currently o.o.s.) or a slimline 51:1 one from Branchlines that’ll fit. In the meantime, I can clean up some of the messy soldering…