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Trade Officer

    Hi John

    The only parameters that are imposed are the file type and the overall size in mb. At present the maximum is 5Mb which is an arbitrary limit to have the balancing act between space and quality. This can be increased if needed. There obviously has to be a limit to avoid increased costs of file storage.

    So the quality, resolution etc is down to you as long as it is within the maximum file size. I am not a graphic artist and so I can’t comment on that aspect

    In terms of degradation over time, JPEGs etc do not deteriorate over time irrespective of the number of times they are downloaded. They will only deteriorate if you constantly edit and resave as the compression gets more aggressive. Once uploaded by the author they are never edited again, unless you choose to do so

    The reason for using TIFFs is to maintain the quality and colour depth of the original as they are used as an archive for the original. Probably scanned at a high resolution as well. They are not compressed hence the size

    I am still looking at what “scaled” means on the filename. i suspect it may be that when you upload it to the post and then resize it to fit then it tells the system that it needs displaying at a certain size but doesn’t affect what has been uploaded. But I will check