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Stuart Firth

    The London Road Models hornblock assemblies have now been installed using jig axles and the coupling rods to set their position. They had to be trimmed to prevent them spoiling the outline of these very open old-fashioned frames. Then the compensation beam and pivot were fitted, retained using a piece of fine wire so they could be removed in the future if required. The motor was run in and the High Level Road Runner Plus gearbox assembled. The Taff Vale Models motor has its screw holes in the same position as the Mitsumi motors I have used, which sets the motor at a diagonal angle instead of straight. Not a problem of course but it does look odd. I was pleased that the slim gearbox allows the outside mounting points to be used, so you can still access the screws when the gearbox has been assembled. All tested and running smoothly, but there’s more detail work planned for the chassis before it is wheeled up. There’s also a flywheel which looks like it will just fit.

    The body reveals a fault which I believe is common to all K’s coal tanks – one side is longer than the other! I’m not sure whether to try to correct this or just assume it won’t be seen when the cab roof goes on.