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Trade Officer

    Hi Richard
    Unfortunately I am awaiting 2mm EM axles to be manufactured. In the current climate that is probably quite a few weeks away. I have had a look at a few retailers and they only seem to sell axles with their wheel packs
    I do have some 2mm EM axles in my personal odds and ends box that came out of some Alan Gibson wheel packs (You get plain and pinpoint and I used the pinpoint). You are more than welcome to them.
    The alternative is to cut down some pinpoint axles
    As for washers the stores have a fair range in different thicknesses

    There are probably 2 ways to fix the drive gear ;
    1. Use something like loctite bearing fix
    2. Roll the axle along a flat surface with the side of a file (the one that has teeth) where the gear sits. Press down fairly hard which should produce a similar knurled effect. BUT test on a sacrificial axle first