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Paul Willis

    @Mark Sellick said:

    although I’ve happily made the move to EM for my standard gauge modelling, I’m also starting to dabble in Irish Broad Gauge, and I was wondering whether there was any possibilty of 21mm track gauges, and of course other track-based and wheel gauges to EMGS standards.

    Unless I’ve missed them on the products lists, of course, which is more than likely…..!

    Many thanks,



    The Scalefour Society has long supported modelling in Irish Broad Gauge. I suspect it’s a legacy from the development of Adavoyle many years ago. From the current Stores List:

    Track gauge, Type ‘A’, Rollergauge – 5′ 3″ Gauge (21 mm) £5.20
    Track gauge, triangular, for automatic gauge widening – 5′ 3″ gauge (21 mm) £9.50
    Roger Sander’s ‘Mint’ gauge for fine tuning pointwork – 5′ 3″ gauge (21 mm) £15.00

    28mm pin-point Axle, suitable for Irish Prototype, intended for coach and wagon wheels £0.25

    Brook Smith wheel back-to-back gauge, boxed, for 5′ 3″ gauge £6.00

    Whilst there are no exhibitions in the near future, these are available to non-members from the Scalefour Stores at Scaleforum, Scalefour North and Scalefour SouthWest. Or you could join yourself and order by post. My own Area Group has two active Irish P4 modellers – one broad gauge and one narrow gauge.

    Paul Willis